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Fancy Plecos

Fancy Pleco Image

Fancy Plecos are the newer plecos becoming available from dealers. Prices can range from $15-$200. Many places only offer common plecos, so some people don't even know these fancy plecos exist. They have names like the Galaxy Pleco, Royal pleco, Gold Nugget Pleco, and Queen Arabesque. Some of them grow huge like the Royal, and others top out at a few inches like the recently popular Zebra. Some are herbivores and some carnivores, while still others eat anything and everything. Below are some images of some common fancy plecos.

Choosing your Fancy Pleco:
Feeding: (some carnivores, some herbivores)



Click images for species information:

Cheaetostoma thomasi Image Chaetostoma thomasi

Panaque nigrolineata Image Panaque nigrolineata

Ancistrus sp. Image Ancistrus sp.

Ancistrus sp. Image Ancistrus sp.

Chaetostoma sp. (L188) Image Chaetostoma sp. (L188)

Baryancistrus sp. (L200) Image Baryancistrus sp. (L200)