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Red Whiptail Catfish (Hemiloricaria sp. (L10a))

Synonyms: ...
Stats: Adult Size: 6-10" (15-25 cm)
Temp: 76-80 F (24-26 C)
Tank: 30 " (70 cm) minimum
Requirements: Cooler water, current enjoyed.
Diet: Algae, Algae tablets and sinking foods. Also like Romaine Lettuce and Zucchinni
Breeding: In tubes, males have bristles. Vegetable foods a must for new fry.
Sociability: Can be kept in pairs, but 2 males will fight, and the smaller will likely starve.
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Special Info: Watch out when netting this fish. Its armour makes it very stiff, so be careful to not bend the fish.



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Red Whiptail Catfish pic
Image of Hemiloricaria species.
Image courtesy of James Forgan