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Tetras and their brethren cover a large group. There are some carnivores and some herbivores in this group with the majority being omnivores. Most smaller species like to school and range in temperment from supremely peaceful to the Pirahna. Most require acidic softer water and come from South America. Click here for more info on Characins.

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Black Winged Hatchetfish (Carnegiella marthae)
Common Hatchetfish (Gasteropelecus sternicla)
Marbled Hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata)
Silver Hatchetfish (Thoracocharax securis)

Head Standers

Spotted Headstander (Chilodus punctatus)
Striped Headstander (Anostomus anostomus)

Peaceful Tetras

Black Neon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon ocillifer)
Black Phantom Tetra (Megalomphodus megalopterus)
Bloodfin Tetra (Aphyocharax anisitsi)
Blue Tetra (Boehlkea fredcochui)
Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
Darter Characin (Characidium spec.)
False Rummy-nose Tetra (Petitella georgiae)
Flame Tetra (Hyphessobrycon flammeus)
Garnet Tetra (Hemigrammus pulcher)
Glowlight Tetra (Hemigrammus erythrozonus)
Gold Tetra Hemigrammus rodwayi)
Head-and-tail-light Tetra (Hemigrammus ocellifer)
King Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri)
Kerry Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri)
Lemon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis)
Lesser Penguin Fish (Thayeria obliqua)
Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)
Penguin Fish (Thayeria boehlkei)
Pristella Tetra (Pristella maxillaris)
Rummy-nosed Tetra (Hemigrammus bleheri)
Silver-Tipped Tetra (Hasemania nana)


Banded Pencilfish (Nannostomus espei)
Beckford's Pencil Fish (Nannostomus beckfordi)
Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)
Harrison's Pencilfish (Nannostomus harrisoni)
Knightly Pencilfish (Poecilobrycon eques)
Three Striped Pencilfish (Nannostomus trifasciatus)
Two Lined Pencilfish (Nannostomus bifasciatus)

Semi-Aggressive Tetras

Arnold's Red-Eyed Characin (Arnoldichthys spilopterus)
Black Skirt Tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi)
Bleeding Heart Tetra (Hyphessobrycon eryhrostigma)
Blind Cave Tetra (Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus)
Buenos Aires Tetra (Hemigrammus caudovittatus)
Callistus Tetra (Hyphessobrycon callistus)
Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)
Diamond Tetra (Moenkhausia pittieri)
Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon palmeri)
Jewel Tetra (Hyphessobrycon callistus)
Red and Blue Columbian Tetra (Hyphessobrycon columbianu)
Red Eyed Tetra (Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae)
Sailfin Characin (Crenuchus spilurus)
Serpae Tetra (Hyphessobrycon callistus)
Silver Dollar (Metynnis sp.)
White Skirt Tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi)

Aggressive Tetras

Buck Toothed Tetra (Exodon paradoxus)
Exodon (Exodon paradoxus)
Red-Bellied Pirahna (Pygocentrus nattereri)

Splash Tetras

Beautiful Scaled Characin (Copella nattereri)
Black-banded Pyrrhulia (Copella nigrofasciata)
Red Spotted Copeina (Copeina guttata)
Splash Tetra (Copella arnoldi)

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