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Gambusia (Gambusia affinis)

Synonyms: Western Mosquitofish
Stats: Adult Size: 1 1/2" (4 cm)
Temp: 55-85 F (12-29 C)
Tank: 24" (60 cm) minimum
Requirements: Cover is appreciated, these fish can be very jumpy.
Diet: Not picky, will eat just about anything, but a good mosquito larvae eater for ponds.
Breeding: No harder than guppies, just need males and females, cover plants for the young would also make it easier.
Sociability: Can be kept in groups. Less males than females like most livebearers.
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Special Info: These fish are very rarely seen as a pet fish up for sale, more commonly seen as a cleaner fish for ponds.



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Image provided by Mia Woodman