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Horsehead Loach (Acatopsis choirorhynchus)

Synonyms: Horse Face Loach
Stats: Adult Size: 5-7" (12.5-17.5 cm)
Temp: 79-84 F (26-29 C)
Tank: 36" (90 cm) minimum
Requirements: Tank with small grain gravel, plants appreciated. Sand is ideal. They apprecaiate caves if a larger grain gravel is being used.
Diet: Small live or frozen relished. Sinking pellets are also taken. Not at all picky.
Breeding: ...
Sociability: Can be kept singly, through not combative in groups. Overall not very aggressive. They will hide most of the time, appearing at feeding time.
Related Spec: ..
Special Info: Very good at keeping a sand substrate free of food.

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Horse Faced Loach Image
Photo courtesy of Dave Guest

Horse Faced Loach Image 2
Horse Faced Loach Image 3
Image provided by Mia Woodman