Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Homemade Cat Toys Your Cat Will Adore

Just like how dog toys are important to dogs, cats require toys for stimulation and entertainment. The same applies to other pets, who need their toys and chews to fill up their day while waiting for their owner’s return. You can purchase toys from places like Peggasus Pets, or you can make your own for your cat as well. This is a great way to recycle old toys or materials you have, so you avoid waste and extra expenses.

That said, here is a list of homemade cat toys your cat will love!

  1. Boxes

Boxes are the cheapest cat toys but they usually have the most fun in them! They love to sit and hide in boxes, with even the biggest cat trying to squeeze in tiny shoeboxes!

Closet a medium-sized box and cut a few holes in it, where your cat and climb in and out of it.

  1. Toilet rolls

We know cats love toilet rolls and trying to remove the tissue. But they will also love empty toilet rolls, another inexpensive way to keep your cat happy.

You can turn these empty toilet rolls into puzzle toys, placing some treats inside them and folding the edges in. Your cat will figure out how to try getting inside to eat the treats, which is a mentally stimulating game they will enjoy and stay entertained with for hours.

  1. Old clothes

Don’t throw away your old clothes! You may repurpose them and create new cat toys.

Cut old shirts into strips, then knot them together in the middle. Hold a few strips, dangling or wiggling it near your cat. Expect them to pounce and try to chase after these strips!

Or, you can make a kick-toy, filling a sock with scraps of fabric and some catnip. Sew it on top and give them to your cat, which they will be addicted to. These make fun and affordable catnip toys that your cat will love.

  1. Pom poms

Pom poms are another fun toy for cats, and you can make them yourself without having to sew or glue anything together. There are a lot of tutorials to show you how to create your own online. With these easy-to-do pom poms, your cat will be hitting and chasing them around!

  1. Wand toys

Cat wands are much enjoyed by many cats, and yours will probably love them! You don’t need to purchase a lot of cat wand toys from pet stores, you can also get your own. Make them at home using a dowel, elastic and/or fabric strips, and feathers or raffia.

Simply drill a hole small in your piece of dowel and tie a string to it, then tie it again, or you can glue or sew the fabric strips, raffia, or feathers to its end. This will be a very tempting toy your cat will love to play with.

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to spend so much for your cat to enjoy playtime and release his energy! With these suggestions, you can easily make your own toys for the cat and watch them have the time of his life!