Friday, 12 July, 2024

Why you should get a microchip for your dog?

The microchip for dogs is a modern way to identify the pet in an effective and safe way. It is an electronic microcircuit that is implanted under the skin. If the animal is lost or even stolen, it can be easily identified through its microchip. It is not a radar or GPS tracking system, but an identification system. It works like an ‘electronic ID’. In several countries it is mandatory to use this method to identify all pets / companions. It is a trend that only benefits the segment and the population in general. It is highly recommended to hire the best Dog Microchip Services at affordable prices.

Does the microchip harm the animal’s health?

No. The microchip is completely biocompatible and harmless to the animal’s health. There is virtually no chance of developing an allergic or rejection process if properly injected by a veterinarian. The microchip is injected with a special syringe similar to vaccine applicators. Although the microchip applicator needle is slightly larger in diameter than a vaccine applicator needle, animals react in the same way, and the procedure is painless. No type of anesthesia is performed, it is as if it was a common injection and should be placed on the back of the neck.

Does the microchip need to be replaced after some time?

No. As the microchip is inside a surgical bioglass capsule, the durability of this device is approximately 100 years. In principle, there is no restriction on the dog or cat that will receive the microchip, which can be of any breed, size or weight. According to technical specifications it can be injected from the 10th day of the animal’s life. Some veterinarians recommend that the microchip be implanted after 2 or 3 months of age. When implanted correctly and if a microchip is used with an anti-migration layer product, a small layer of connective tissue forms around the microchip, preventing its migration.

Can the microchip move inside the animal’s body?

No. When implanted correctly and if a microchip with an anti-migration layer is used, this layer prevents the chip from moving. According to the experts micro chipping is a prerequisite for the preparation of the passport for dogs and cats. Consequently it needs to be done for international trips. So, if you are going to microchip your pet, make sure the registration is always up to date.

It is more than a necessity

Have you ever stopped to think that your best friend could get lost, find the door open and go for a walk, or even be robbed? If this happens, you may experience moments of tension and sadness, and believe that both situations occur frequently. But it is not only for these cases mentioned above that the microchip is of great value. The Microchip is nothing more than a totally safe and reliable identification method, which today has a very large database. The Microchip has no battery and does not wear out. In the dog it is applied by means of a special syringe, almost completely painless, the component introduced is completely harmless. The Dog receives the microchip fully awake, requiring no sedation