Wednesday, 12 June, 2024

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in UAE Summer

Ughh! Humans can’t stand the heat of summer in UAE, and then how do you expect your fur friends to tolerate the torrid climate of the Middle East region? Of course, they can’t! Especially pets don’t sweat as a human does, and they can easily get overheated. Hence it is vital to provide extra care for your pooch.

In fact, summer is an excellent time for you to enjoy with your pets. Whether it is a hike on the mountain or a trip to the beach or a walk to the next-door neighbor, it is necessary to take precaution to keep your fur friend safe. Here are Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in UAE Summer

Do Not Leave Your Pet In The Car

Do not leave your pet in the car, I repeat, do not leave your pet in the car. People tend to think that it is okay to leave your pet on the car just for a few minutes. But please note, it only takes less than 10 minutes to develop heatstroke in cats and dogs inside hot vehicles. Apparently, it is not appreciated by the law to leave your pets on the car in UAE.

If you find any pets stuck inside the car, look for the owner or call the police as soon as possible.

Buy An Ac Pet House

Everyone cannot keep their fur friends inside the home. The problem arises when a guest with an allergy to the fur or dog phobia visits your home. Also, your pet needs some privacy as you do. Keeping them outdoors during such situation can call out fatal circumstances. To solve all these problems, it is better to purchase a dog house with AC for your fur friend. It will keep the animal cool and happy during the summer.

Provide Plenty Of Water

Due to dehydration, the dogs get thirsty during summer. Make sure you carry freshwater whenever you go outside. Also, please provide them with wet food during the hotter months to boost fluid intake.

Apply Sunscreen

This might sound funny for you, but yes pets can also get sunburns, and you have to apply sunscreens for them. Prolonged exposure to the sun might even cause skin cancer for your pets. Do check with a vet and choose the right sunscreen for your pet.

Shaving Your Pet Is A Big No

You might think that shaving the pet will help them during the summer. But it is not true! The fur is naturally designed to keep the pet cool during summer and warm during winter. Okay, you can think about trimming and grooming, but no shaving at any cost.

Keep Your Dog Paw Cool.

Never let your dog stand on the hot pavements like cement or asphalt as it can cause burns to the sensitive paw pads. Since the pets heat and cool from the bottom up, it can raise body temperature and lead to overheating.

These are the essential tips to keep your pets safe during summer. Have fun with your pup!