Friday, 24 May, 2024

Cat Flap Buying Guide: Get The Best Cat Door For Your Pet

So you are planning to buy a cat flap for your feline friend?

Installing a cat flap or cat door is a great option for your cat. It gives them full freedom to go out and come inside whenever they wish.

Speaking of cat flaps, there are different options available. If you don’t know where to start, you can search online products such as Hale pet doors. we are here to help you. We have put together a cat flap buying guide to help you out.

When installing a cat door, you should call for a cat flap fitter. They can do a better job than you.

Things To Consider When Buying A Cat Flap

There are a few important things you need to keep in mind while buying a cat flap. These are the factors that will determine the type of cat flap you should buy.

  1. Type of cat flap

The first thing you need to decide is the type of cat flap you want. There are ordinary cat flaps, magnetic cat flaps, automatic cat flaps, and cat flaps with a microchip. If you worry about other animals entering through the cat flap, then you should go for an automatic cat flap or a microchip cat flap. These are any day better than the other types.

  1. Size of opening

The next important thing to consider is the size of the opening. The opening of the cat door should be big enough for your cat to enter. After all, you wouldn’t want your cat to get stuck while getting in through the flap. For larger cats, you need a bigger opening, around 17 x 17 cm. For medium-sized cats, you can go for a 14 x 12 cm opening.

  1. Cat flap material

Cat flap materials are treated to withstand UV rays are more durable than the ones that are not. If you want the cat door to last longer, then you should go for hard-wearing plastic as they are designed for heavy use.

These three factors are the most important ones. When buying a cat flap make sure you keep all these details in mind.