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How to Choose the Correct Dog Collar that Can Help in Protecting the Dogs

Many people have pet dogs and most of the time people chain their pet dogs and keep them or they leave them open. But there is always a risk to leave them open because sometimes they can just run away or be in a mood to chase away something like a dog, or there can be some smell which makes them run or they like to simply run and hop in search of something new, as dogs mostly like to discover. Seldom do some good mannered dogs would simply walk some distance and come back home to their owner. Different dogs with different type of breeds have different habits.

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Choose the Right Dog Collar & Not Some Fancy Collar

So, you should always put a dog collar and search online dog collars Canada to get different types of dog collars of different range, color, and size. It is also very important that you choose a comfortable dog collar, which is not tight and doesn’t suffocate the dog. Apart from that if you choose a dog collar with fancy medals and lockets, and then it’s of no use, because dogs are wild and they like jumping and rough playing with other dogs and it can break the locket or medal. So, you should use a collar which also has a space where you can write your name and address, and phone number. So, that if your dog is lost people can contact you if they find your dog.

LED or Radium Light Collar for Dogs

Using a LED light or Radium light dog collar is very useful if your dog moves out of the home at night or runs away. It will save them from being hit by vehicles on the road. But make sure that LED lights can get switched on its own, if there is a button then you will have to do it, but again if the dog by mistake escapes at night without your knowledge then it is better to use a high radium collar, which shines.

Dog Collar with License & ID

It is better if a dog collar has a license and ID along with address of owner. Plus, if you can get an advanced dog collar with tracking, then it can help you to track your dog, incase if it is lost. You can search online about this if you want to protect your dog better. If you don’t keep the dog chained and have garden from where the dog can run, then its better you make good provisions to help your dog and protect it.