Saturday, 22 June, 2024

What are the must-have bird accessories and supplies you have to buy?

When it is your first time taking care of a bird pet or you want to ensure you are buying the right thing. These are necessary for their health and happiness. When you don’t have an idea about the things you have to buy for your pet bird, such as cool bird houses, these are the guidelines that you can follow. They will be happy when you know what they need to have.


Food is at the top of the list because you need a formulated diet. You have to buy food pellets that are ideal for birds that depend on their diet. You can give them vegetables, fruits, or dehydrated fruits and you can add beans, rice, and nuts. Your bird can eat table foods but you have to avoid chocolate, avocado, and onion because they are toxic.


You can buy cages that you can afford but you have to secure that they can fit in the cage. Also, consider the space of your house once you buy a birdcage because they will spend all their life in the cage. When looking for birdcages it needs to be made from non-toxic material, strong, and easier to clean. The ideal measuring is wide enough to extend their wings and high enough for their long tails.


You can make a DIY by placing two branches on every side of the cage by using a small bracket or uncoated wire. You have to install bird perches that are far enough from the water and food bowls. The best branches you can use are are citrus, eucalyptus, or Northern hardwoods. But you can use a simple one and buy it from the pet store.

Food and water bowls

When you like your bird to try out a new set of food items you have to buy wide cups so they can try it. There are water dishes and foods that are built-in perch. It has a ledge that the bird can balance so they can drink and eat. Birds will go around playing and perches have to be far from the bowls. But when it is too close they may chew on the food dishes which is not an ideal activity.


Every pet needs to have a toy. Buying your bird with toys from to make their beak healthy and keep them active. A natural fiber rope gives a good diversion but using cedars balsa wood and redwood is not ideal to use.

Hiding place

Most birds are playing outside and there will be times they want to have privacy and have a safe escape hatch. You can use it to make a hiding place by using a nest box, towel, or paper bag.

Cage liners

You can use paper towels, liner paper, or newspapers. The advantage of using ordinary paper is you can track their droppings for cleaning. You can use a mesh barrier to manage the space between their leavings and your bird.