Wednesday, 12 June, 2024

Your Buying Deals with The Bengal Kittens

You can consider that the Bengal is a rustic cat, robust and of good constitution. However, like other breeds of cats, it has a predisposition to certain diseases. Be aware that there are tests that help detect them. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or CMH is a fairly widespread heart disease manifested by respiratory difficulties, exercise intolerance, decreased appetite, heart murmur or sudden death. A cat with CMH does not get well. His life expectancy is considerably reduced despite expensive drug treatment that will ease the symptoms. It therefore seems essential that the parents of your kitten are checked annually by ultrasound, performed by a specialized veterinarian. As you go for the Bengal kittens for sale you can have the best options now.

Pyruvate Kinase or PKD Deficiency is a genetic disease

It manifests itself in severe anemia, which is often fatal. This disease is said to be recessive, meaning that the parents can be healthy and give birth to sick kittens. Some “amateur” breeders, not without being passionate, may ignore these screenings and offer a sick kitten for adoption. The test is simple and unique; it is done by mouth swab and allows knowing the genetic status of the breeding animals.

It is also advised that you choose a cattery tested FIV and FeLV. The first disease is responsible for an immunodeficiency which makes the cat vulnerable to infections. The second, also called feline leukosis, is caused by an often fatal retrovirus.

You will understand that being passionate is not everything; the responsible breeder must have all these tests carried out even if they are expensive.

Serious breeders do it!

You certainly want your cat to be pleasant company, not to be fearful or wild. Your kitten’s mother will instill certain “cat” values ​​in him, but they are insufficient for him to live in harmony with you in your home. The role of the breeder is to educate him “human” and for that he must take care of it a lot. First of all, it followed the evolution of the Jungle Kitten by weighing it and observing it from birth. Then, he handles it and then plays with it daily to teach it how to hug, not to bite, to scratch the cat tree, not to climb on the table, in short, to be a “good kitten” Student”. In addition, brought up in a human family, he is not afraid of domestic noise. It is obvious that a kitten born in an enclosure and isolated from humans will be much less sociable than surrounded by adults and children who play with it.

It is inconceivable to breed cats in cages and a real familiarization seems fundamental to us. A poorly socialized cat will be unapproachable and will spend its life hiding from humans. A good state of health and a domestic temperament are essential but you will also choose your kitten according to criteria of beauty. You will be tempted to do it freely as if you were adopting a SPA kitten but when you spend a large amount of money to acquire your little companion, it seems important to us that you master the different characteristics that make the price of a Bengal cat.