Friday, 24 May, 2024

7 Things Dog Parents Should Know About Potty Training

Adopting a dog is not enough because you have to make him a well-behaved puppy. A naughty and poorly behaved pet can let you down in public or at any event. Therefore, one should focus on proper dog training or dog school. Dog training Singapore experts mentions all of the dog training programs you can seek help from to train them at home. While on the other hand, hiring a dog trainer is always the available option for you.
In this blog, professionals are going to focus on a few points trainers or dog parents should keep in mind when potty training puppy. By focusing on these points, you can get effective and quick results in terms of a well behaved puppy.

  • Catch her red-handed

One of the things dog parents should know about potty training is catching them red-handed. If you discover the clutter in the room or apartment, do not yell at your fur friend. Being strict won’t help any of the workouts. So try to catch your puppy in the act and ask him to go outside. Do not panic; treat him with calm behaviour.

  • Positive reinforcement

As mentioned earlier, yelling at your dog will not help you. Dogs understand your energy and can sense that you are mad at them. However, in the workouts, you just need to put the anger aside and stick to positive reinforcement. Encourage them and give them a treat when they potty away outside the house.

  • Dogs don’t really feel guilty, but they’re good at faking it

While you know about the things dog parents should know about potty training, you should know that dogs are good at pretending. You pretend you feel guilty. So if you meet her with a mess in the house, don’t show the cheerful nature. You should know that you are not happy with this act and make him feel guilty. Perhaps he’s just trying to smear honey around your mouth with this pretence.

  • Water before bed is not always a good idea

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t give your puppy water right before bedtime. Chances are he won’t go into the pool area and do his business on the bed.

  • What goes in has to come out again

As a responsible dog parent, you need to be careful about what your puppy is eating or when he is taking his meals. Notice the time he is doing his business and ask him to go out at that time every day. Meal planning will help with your favourite potty training.

  • The weather makes no excuses

Don’t give it a light hand in bad weather. There is a chance he may stick to the habit of not going to the potty. The only thing you can do for him is to set up the potty area in a shelter that is independent of any changes in the weather.

  • Consistency is the key

Regardless of what you teach your pup in the dog obedience training sessions, consistency is the bottom line that you need to adhere to. Within the list of things dog parents should know about potty training, the most effective is consistency.

Working with a professional dog trainer is a 100% guarantee that your pet will be fully adapted for family life and for being in a noisy city. 

Hire Professional Dog Trainer Service

Keep in mind that a real professional will not only teach your friend, but also teach you how to deal with him correctly, so that you understand why the dog behaves in certain situations in one way or another. This will facilitate your further communication with your four-legged friend.

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