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Important tips for choosing the best dog day care

Do you want to take your furry friend to a dog care dog care murrells inlet sc but you want to choose the best dog daycare? Are you searching for what should I look for in a doggy daycare? Do not search further; we have compiled important tips for choosing the best dog daycare for you

Choosing the best dog daycare may be challenging, especially if you want your dog to have an enhanced experience. However, you must search for a dog daycare in your area that has everything your dog needs to have a pleasant experience. Having searched the internet or asked family and friends for recommendations, you need to take a few steps to ensure that you choose the right dog daycare. You only have to read further.

1. Inspect the Dog Daycare’s Facilities

When you have decided on the dog daycare to take your furry friend to, you must tour the daycare’s facilities in person. You will be able to see the quality of their facilities and know what your dog’s experience will be like. Besides, you get to ask detailed questions and check if they have good ventilation, safe floor surfaces, proper gating, and solid fencing.

2. Ask About Dogs Grouping

It is important to know if they group dogs appropriately before taking your dog to any dog daycare. Dogs should be grouped according to size, age, temperament, and play style. This will guarantee safety if dogs are separated accordingly. If they do not group dogs properly, it is dangerous as larger dogs may attack smaller ones. Therefore, look for another dog daycare with proper arrangements.

3. Staff-to-dog Ratio

You also need to know the number of dogs being managed by an employee. The recommended safe standard is 15 dogs to a human. However, if there are more active dogs in the group, more supervisors may be required.

4. Toy Policy

If your dog seems to be obsessed with toys, it will be best to inform the dog daycare to help them keep an eye on your dog and handle the situation safely if the need arises. Ask about their toy Policy for more details.

5. Temperament Test or Trial

Ensure that the dog daycare you want to choose for your dog has a temperament test or trial in place to be sure that your dog will adjust to the daycare. This is crucial as not all dogs are suitable for a dog daycare.

6. Emergency Medical Care

Before taking your dog to dog daycare, ensure that they have emergency medical care to administer first aid to your dog in case of an accident or injury. Alternatively, they should have a plan to take any injured dog to a veterinarian for emergency medical care.


If you are asking “what should I look for in a doggy daycare?” The above are some of the tips that will help you make an informed decision. Follow the tips and choose the best dog daycare for your dog and your peace of mind.