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Starting a Reef Tank: The Basics Explained

According to one survey, fish are the third most popular type of pet that people have.

If you’re thinking about getting some fish for your home, there are a few things you should know about starting a reef tank.

Keep reading, and we’ll help break down everything you need to know!

Find the Right Tank

First, you need to make sure that you find the right tank.  You should have a rough idea of what kind of fish you are going to get so that you know how big of a tank to get. 

However, you’ll also have to figure out what tank to get based on other factors like your budget and where you’re going to put your tank. 

The bigger tank you can buy, the better it will be. However, they can get very expensive. If you have enough money to pay for it, you’ll be able to grow more coral in there and grow it as time goes on.

Bigger tanks are also bigger to take care of due to their unique water chemistry. 

Ensure You Have the Right Type of Water

Once you’ve decided what tank you’re going to get, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right water in there. 

Most reef aquariums are saltwater, so you should get a salinity tester. This will measure how much salt content is in the water so that you can rest assured your animals will live and thrive in the tank.

Add Life

After you’ve got everything set up and organized, you can start to add fish and other coral into your tank. 

The tank should be running well for about six weeks, and then you can start adding other animals in there. 

When you’re going to start adding corals, you should start with some that are easier for beginners. Some of those include mushrooms, zoanthids, and leathers. These will also help add a little bit of color as well. 

If you’re going to add fish or other animals in there, make sure that you do your research to ensure that they will all get along and coexist peacefully.

Clean the Tank

To keep your animals healthy, you need to make sure that you clean the tank every now and then.

This includes getting rid of bubble algae and any scum that builds up on the size of the tank.

To clean the glass, you’ll have to get the right tools to scrape it off. You may also need to change out the water every few weeks.

Learn More About Starting a Reef Tank

These are only a few things you should know about starting a reef tank, but there are plenty of other things to keep in mind as well.

We know that starting an aquarium can be difficult at first, but we’re here to help you out!

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