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What is the most adorable of all reptiles?

Soft. Cuddly. Snuggable. These probably aren’t the first words that come to mind when you think of reptiles. Just because the cold-blooded creatures have scales instead of fur, doesn’t mean that these modern day dinosaurs can’t be cute. In fact, some reptiles are downright adorable. What is the most adorable of all reptiles? Now that’s a tough question. While we think there’s beauty in every type of reptile, here are our picks of the top 5 cutest reptile species of all time.

5. Tortoises

Have you seen that picture of a baby tortoise chomping on a strawberry? We know you’ve awed aloud (we did too). But tortoises didn’t just make the list because they’re adorable as babies – that’s a given. No, these slow-moving but intelligent creatures are one of our top choices because of their propensity for cute behavior. Feisty, playful, and full of personality, tortoises are delightfully mischievous and get themselves into all sorts of cute shenanigans.  

4. Baby Crocodiles

Before they grow up to be fearsome predators, baby crocodiles are easily one of the most adorable reptiles. With spindly legs, a belly that grazes the floor, and a too-big head on a tiny body, baby crocs couldn’t be intimidating if they tried. The most adorable feature of this adorable reptile is the cartoon-like squeaking these littles guys do when they’re feeling scared or are in pouncing/hungry mode.

3. Chameleons

These slow-moving lizards are pretty funny looking with their bulbous eyes and 10 inch long tongues. But it’s impossible not to be enchanted by their quirky mannerism and permanently grumpy-looking face. Their asynchronous eyes can move in different directions, giving them an appearance similar to that of googly eyes. Put them near a stream of water and just watch their little hands go!

2. Hognose Snakes

There are a lot of really cute snakes, but to narrow it down, we went with the hognose snake purely for aesthetic reasons. These little guys have a small nose that can appear upturned, reminiscent of a duck bill or piggy snout, or pointy and blunted. Another feature that lends to their cuteness is that they tend to be on the small size, averaging around 20 inches long, yet they act like a much bigger snake. 

1. Geckos

The title of most adorable reptile goes to geckos – the leopard gecko to be exact. Their wide eyes and permanent smiles give them a stuffed animal-like appearance. While growing up tends to lower the cuteness factor for most creatures, that isn’t the case with these little guys. They manage to retain their charm from infancy well into adulthood.

Find Adorable Reptiles for Sale

These five reptiles are only the tip of the cuteness iceberg. Lizards with their big goofy smiles, turtles and tortoises with their precious flippers, and snakes with their big, doe eyes and sweet faces…there’s so much to love about each species. You can find all sorts of adorable reptiles for sale at your specialty pet shops, which usually have a greater variety of reptiles than big box stores.