Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Which dog food is ideal for your pet?

Dog food is one of the main concerns of those who have a 4-legged friend at home. When it comes to food, several questions arise: should you buy wet or dry dog food for your dog? What can he eat, which is better, what kind of food is suitable for my pet? The dry and wet versions are the most popular types of food and with the diversity of options on the market. It is even difficult to choose what suits your pet best. 

Dry food costs less and is better for your teeth

Dry food is usually the most common to be found on the market. It fits in all pockets, as it is usually cheaper than wet food. It is also more practical, lasts longer and is easier to store, and can stay in the dog food bowl for longer. Another very positive point of dry food is cleaning the animal’s teeth at the time of chewing. You can find it in a wide variety to suit your pet’s profile. Older dogs can eat food that has softer grains, preventing loss of teeth. Those indicated for neutered animals help regulate their weight, which can increase after the operation. 

Wet food: flavor and hydration

Very available in sachets or in the form of pâté for dogs, wet food comes in smaller portions – the sachet weight is usually 100 g. This is usually the dog’s favorite and this is because they are tastier, softer and have a large amount of water, which helps a lot in the hydration of the animal. Unlike dry food, this type of food is more likely to spoil if it is left in the dog’s food bowl for too long. Wet food can interfere with your dog’s oral hygiene, as with tartar buildup. 

Meal or treat

Although many pet owners use sachets as a treat, wet food has the same nutritional value as dry food. With due care, the sachet can be placed in the pot and offered to the dog. The important thing is that the food is specific for your little friend. If he is a puppy, always remember that the only food to be given should be the food for puppies, because only it contains the nutrients and vitamins necessary for this phase of development of the puppy. You can find low-calorie varieties for overweight dogs, products specifically for pets with teething problems, and those made specifically for older dogs.

After all, which one is the best?

The truth is that the best food is the one your dog adapts to, okay. If he is a little older, or he is an obese dog, maybe wet food – which is served in smaller portions and at specific times – is best. If your dog is a puppy or an adult dog full of energy, or even your lifestyle does not allow you to be aware of the food pot at all times, it is better to opt for dry food. What is very important is that your dog’s diet is diversified, including wet and dry food, so that he can extract the best from both types of meal.