Saturday, 22 June, 2024

How To Choose the Best Cat Tree for Your Cat?

You might be well-versed with the idea and importance of cat trees and cat condos if you are a cat parent. The entire process of shopping for the perfect cat tree can be overwhelming. The Refined Feline, an online cat furniture store, offers an impressive collection of cat furniture that serves various functions. With their dual purpose furniture you can disguise cat furniture easily in your home due to their modern and contemporary style.

Choose The Best Cat Tree For Your Cat

While some of the available cat trees are very simple and straightforward, others are dual purpose and have many functions. When you’re searching for a cat tree for your furry friend, consider the size. Apart from the place where you would be installing it, you must also take into account the size of your cat. The platform of the cat tree must be sufficiently high for your cat to be able to climb. The condo should also be spacious enough so that they can sleep peacefully. The Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Feline offers a place for your cats to enjoy activities like hiding, lounging, running, jumping, scratching, and more.

Choose The Best Cat Tree For Your Home

The look of your cat tree or condo is important too and finding one that matches your decor will provide a peaceful aesthetic feeling. Cat trees or condos from brands like The Refined Feline come in neutral finishes that will blend right in with your decor. The Metropolitan cat condo is a popular choice designed with a metal frame and multiple platform colors to choose from. This customizable cat condo will look great in any style home.

Buy Cat Trees Made of Durable Material

Cat trees are usually designed from materials like wood, carpet, rope, fabric and sisal.. Usually, cat furniture made from wood is the best and most durable option when compared with other materials. The particle boards on the other hand are flimsy and can actually absorb odors and moisture. Many cat trees feature surfaces made from some type of carpeting. Cats tend to enjoy these but you may not be so thrilled with them as they don’t look appealing and will make a mess. This is because cats love scratching on the carpets and ropes. A good alternative for carpeting and rope is sisal.

Cat trees from The Refined Feline are not only stable but durable as well as they feature sisal scratching pads. They make the best cat trees, given how they don’t wobble when cats play on them. They are sturdy enough to withstand your overactive and playful cat’s continuous climbing and rolling on its platform. Furthermore, you can always disguise cat furniture seamlessly with these helpful tips.